Leslie's Classroom

Here are some pics of my classroom.  
These pictures were taken the day before my first graders arrived.    
I'll add more throughout the year as my classroom changes.

  Reading texts along with math manipulative & game storage.
Bottom picture is a panoramic view of part of my classroom.

   Totally positive clip chart related to our school wide positive behavior system and my students do not clip down with this system.  
Our students receive Eagle Eyes (paper slips) for making respectful, responsible, and/or safe choices.    
        After my kiddos receive 8 Eagle Eyes (I tally at the end of each day) 
they can customize their clip with a piece of ribbon.  
They just LOVE this, especially the gold & silver ribbon!
Next to my clip chart is my small group reading area, and below is a glimpse of our calendar area and book boxes.                  

Classroom library with book boxes that are now labeled with names 
and filled with good fit books! 
Picture below is where we hang our monthly art.  
Each child has a labeled square and two paper clips so art work can easily be slid into place!

 Writer's Workshop supplies!

Thanks so much for stopping by my classroom! 
 I'll add more pics throughout the year, so check back often !

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